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Swim Lessons starting on September 13 and Open Swim starting on September 15 will


be delayed due to pool repairs at HS West.  Swim Lessons will now start on Sept 27


and Open Swim on Sept 29





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Welcome to Grand Blanc Parks and Recreation


Click here to access our Summer & Fall booklet!   

Please note: dates and/or fee corrections have been made to some programs since our booklet was published.  Information listed in the Registration area of our webpage is applicable. 





Learn more about the Michigan State Parks Recreation Passport program when you renew your plates.   



Grand Blanc Parks and Recreation



Our mission at Grand Blanc Parks & Recreation is to administer a coordinated system of programs, parks, and facilities in response to the active and passive interests of our community.


The Grand Blanc Parks and Recreation Department offers year-round programming that includes after school activities for K-12 grades as well as adults and senior citizens.




Escape to the Playscape :   http://www.fundyourpark.org/campaign/detail/3432



Grand Blanc Parks & Recreation’s “Escape to the Playscape” project has been selected as one of ten projects nationwide to participate in an online fundraising campaign through a website called Fund Your Park.  The new playscape to be built on the north side of Creasey Bicentennial Park will be designed to allow able bodied children as well as children with special needs to interact and play simultaneously.


The total cost of the project is approximately $120,000.00 which includes the actual play structure, a poured in place rubber surface and fencing.  Although our online goal is listed currently at $25,000.00 (on the advice of the Fund Your Park group), our actual goal is $40,000.00 +.  It would be awesome if this ended up being our final fundraiser for this project!!!


ANY donation amount is accepted and appreciated, with GBPR receiving all funds raised.  The fundraising campaign will launch at 6:00 p.m. on Sept. 9 and run for 45 days, concluding on Oct. 22 at 6:00 p.m. 


GBPR is asking your help in two ways; 1) we would love to have you make a donation and 2) please share this information with your contacts via email and social media, asking them to make a donation of $10-$20 (or more would be wonderful!) and also share with their contacts. 


To donate, visit  http://fundyourpark.org  and click on the Escape to the Playscape project!!  Please remember no donation is too small OR too big!! 

THANK YOU for your help and support in this campaign!!


Grand Blanc Parks & Recreation





Girls Winner Age:  10 – 11     Punt           Pass         Kick       TOTAL

Ishika Gupta                             28                51           34           113 feet    1st


Boys Scores:   Age:  6-7          Punt          Pass         Kick        TOTAL

Aiden Tipton                            60             49             93              202        1st    Treshon Williams                    41             31             26                98         2nd


Boys Scores:  Age:  8-9         Punt        Pass         Kick             TOTAL

Joe Nemechecks                    72             79             96               247        1st

Bryson Welsh                         81             74             48               203        2nd

Owen Szczembara                  86             71             38                195        3rd

Emillio Riley                          44             70             63                177 

Seth Henry                             57            54             57                 168

Itiel Delgado                          40            53             59                 152

Anthony King                        32             53             41                 126

Parker Solono                        21             45             49                 115

Vedant Gupta                         30             23             17                    70


Boys Scores Age:  10-11       Punt        Pass         Kick          TOTAL

Jimmy Gould                           36             55             77           168  1st          

Camden Cortwright                24             54             80           158   2nd


Boys Scores:  Age:  12-13     Punt        Pass         Kick        TOTAL

Layne Pickard                          96             77             79        252    1st

Keegan Cortwright                  90             83             67        240    2nd

Christian Ankney                    78              82             74       234     3rd


Boys Scores:  Age:  14-15      Punt        Pass         Kick      TOTAL

Andre Smith                            95             91             117       303          1st